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Residential Knife Sharpening

Knives are an important part of the cutlery used for cooking food. The knives are used extensively for cutting, slicing, chopping a wide variety of food items ranging from tomatoes to fruits and meat. After the knife has been used for many years, it will not be sharp enough to cut the fruits, vegetable or other item quickly and cleanly. Hence families in Olathe, Kansas should use the services of a business that offers Residential Knife Sharpening services to get your knives sharpened. Olathe Knife Sharpening is one of the most reputed sharpening businesses in Olathe, offering sharpening services for a wide range of knives and other products.

Dull Blades

The sharpness of a knife depends on the thickness of the blade. While all the high-quality new knives from the factory have a sharp edge, over a period of time the sharpness of the knives reduces. The process of reduction of sharpness is gradual, at first the user does not even notice it. Later the dull blades make it is difficult to cut any item. More pressure has to be applied for cutting, and the time required for cutting the same food item will also increase. This can lead to wastage of time. Hence instead of purchasing expensive new knives, sharpening of the knives is recommended.

The rate of decline of sharpness depends to a large extent on how often the knife is being used. Some people are using the knife daily for cutting and cooking, while others are only cooking on weekends when they have some free time. The sharpness of the knife depends on the thickness of the knife edge. Initially the blade of a new knife has a thin edge so it cuts different materials quickly. As the knife is used, the edge of the knife becomes thicker and it becomes more difficult to cut any item with it, reducing the efficiency of the user.

Residential Knife Sharpening Services Olathe Knife Sharpening
Residential Knife Sharpening Service


While it is possible to sharpen a knife at home using a honing stone, it is not recommended, since this could damage the knife. We have high quality sharpening machines which are specially designed to sharpen the knives so that their edges become new like when knives were manufactured in the factory. We remove the least amount of metal from the edge of the knife to sharpen it, so that the knife can be used for a longer period of time. Our professional staff will evaluate the edge of each knife to determine the best way to sharpen it.

We have fixed rates for different types of knives depending on their size. The rates for pocket knives and folding knives are less than kitchen knives. For large knives which are more than 20″ inches long, we charge our clients based on the knife length, with sharpening charges specified per inch of knife edge. Families and individuals who wish to have their knives sharpened, can leave their knives at our shop in Olathe for sharpening. The sharpening is usually completed within 24 hours, and the sharpened knives can be collected the same day or the next day.

Knife Types

We have experience in sharpening all the different types of knives which are used in the kitchen from all the major knife brands. In addition to the basic knife, we also sharpen gourmet or forged knives, Japanese specialty knives, serrated knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, chef knives, paring knives, hunting knives and folding pocket knives. The sharpening rates are higher for larger knives. We specify the rates and time taken for sharpening the knife to the customer on request so that there are no disputes later. We recommend that customers sharpen a few of their knives together.

Tips & Benefits

In addition to sharpening the knife regularly, the knife user can take some precautions to ensure that the knife remains sharp. The knife should be used on a cutting board made from plastic or wood, it should not be used on the kitchen counter top which could damage the edge. Sharpening the knife will help save time and also improve quality of the food. While most restaurants are sharpening their knives at least once a week, families and individuals should get their knives professionally sharpened at least once or twice a year, depending on how often the knives are used. Using our Residential Knife Sharpening Services, we can get your kitchen knives back to brand new!

No more waiting to get your knives sharpened! Our mobile knife sharpening business delivers the most detailed sharpening services in the area. By contacting Olathe Knife Sharpening you can be assured that your knives will be sharpened in a very detailed and timely manner. CONTACT US NOW! (913)-318-5398