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Commercial Knife Sharpening

The popularity and success of a restaurant or any food related business depends to a great extent on the quality and price of the food. The food quality depends to some extent on the cutlery and kitchen appliances used for preparing the food. The knives used in a commercial kitchen or restaurant are one of the most extensively used kitchen cutlery. Since they are used far more frequently compared to homes, restaurants and food businesses in Olathe, Kansas should hire the Commercial Knife Sharpening services of Olathe Knife Sharpening, the top-rated sharpening service provider in the area.

Dull Blades

In a restaurant, the chefs and other staff are spending a large part of their time cutting, slicing, dicing various vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other food ingredients. If the knives used have dull blades, instead of cutting the food items may get squashed or torn. In addition to spending more time cutting the food, the user of the dull knife will also have to apply more pressure to the food, and may not get the desired results. Hence cooked food providers should hire our sharpening service, so that the time of their staff, and money is not wasted because of the dull blades.

Commercial Knife Sharpening Service Olathe Knife Sharpening
Commercial Knife Sharpening Service

Types Of Knives

We are aware that restaurants are using a wide variety of knives for preparing different types of dishes. Hence, we provide sharpening services for all types of knives like serrated knives, bread knives, steak knives, splitters, boning knives, paring knives, slicing knives, pizza knives and produce knives. We have sharpened knives of some of the top knife brands for our clients in and around Olathe. Some of these knife brands are Robert Welch, MAC, Global, IO Shen, Kai Shun, Kasumi, and Sabatier. Hence our customers can be assured that we will take proper care of their expensive knives.


Most of our commercial clients are sending a set of knives for sharpening together. After we receive the knives, our experienced staff will examine the knife to assess its condition and finalize the best way to sharpen the knife. Some of the considerations while finalizing the sharpening method are the function of the knife, the angle of the bevel edge, the intended angle of the knife and current condition of the knife. We also consider the price of the knife, since we are aware that our client wants their expensive knife to last for the longest possible time.

After the sharpening technique for a particular knife has been finalized, our experienced staff will use our sharpening machine for sharpening the knife. To ensure that the knife can be used for the longest possible time, we use a multi stage grinder incorporating the latest technology. This grinder removes the least possible amount of metal from the edge of the knife to sharpen it, so that it can be used for a longer period of time. The sharpened knives are usually as sharp as new knives which were never used, and can be used for cutting food items quickly.

Fees & Service

Our charges will vary depending on the knife size and type of edge which the knife has. Charges are higher for larger knives with a longer knife blade. We usually offer discounts for a larger number of knives, and have knife sharpening plans for food businesses who require our sharpening services regularly. Depending on how often the knives are being used, the frequency of sharpening required for the knives varies. Some restaurants or food businesses are getting their knives sharpened every week, while others get their knives sharpened once a fortnight or once a month.

We realize that it is inconvenient for food businesses to bring their knives to our shop for sharpening. Hence, we can collect the knives from the food business for sharpening and deliver them after being sharpened. We also offer mobile sharpening services, visiting the client premises to sharpen the knives and return the sharpened knives quickly. Depending on their convenience, the Olathe or Kansas food business can choose any of these plans, so that their staff always uses sharp knives.

No more waiting to get your knives sharpened! Our mobile knife sharpening business delivers the most detailed sharpening services in the area. By contacting Olathe Knife Sharpening you can be assured that your knives will be sharpened in a very detailed and timely manner. CONTACT US NOW! (913)-318-5398